bullet Dr. Hossein Shokouei

Everlasting Name of 2003
Dr. Hossein Shokouei was born in Tabriz in 1933. After completing primary education at Shams School, he went to high school and then was admitted to the University of Tabriz in 1955 to continue his education in the field of history and geography. He graduated from the University of Tabriz in 1958 with a Bachelors Degree in History and Geography. He received his Masters Degree from the University of Tehran in 1967. He graduated from the University of Istanbul in1978 with Doctoral Degree in Human Geography.
Dr. Hossein Shokouei taught students at the University of Tabriz for more than 10 years, and after moving to Tehran in 1985, started teaching at Tarbiat Modares University. He may be regarded as a founder of doctoral program of geography in Tarbiat Modares University. Further, he was recognized as an Exemplary Professor at Tarbiat Modares University in 1993 and 1997. The books authored by him in 1988 and 1996 were introduced as the Chosen Books of the Year in Islamic Republic of Iran.

bullet Late Dr. Sadegh Aynehvand

Everlasting Name of 2006
Late Dr. Sadegh Aynevand was born in 1951 in a village in Touiserkan. He completed his primary education in his hometown and graduated from high school at Asad Abad of Hamedan. Dr. Aynevand pursued his education at the University of Tehran in the field of Arabic Literature and in continuation of his education at the same university he received a Masters Degree in Arabic Literature, and at the same time he partially studied subjects offered at seminaries.
He was admitted to Tarbiat Modares University in 1982 as a Faculty Member. One year later, he went to Syria as a cultural advisor of I.R. of Iran, and simultaneously pursued Doctoral Program of Arabic Literature at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon in 1984. After graduation and returning to Iran, he engaged in instructing History of Islam, Prophets Lifestyle, Historiography in Islam and Arabic Literature at Tarbiat Modares University, University of Tehran, Alzahra University and University of Qom.
He received Certificate of Appreciation in 1994 from the then president, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, as an Exemplary Professor. He published numerous articles in reputable local and international journals. He authored and translated 34 volumes of books and published 96 articles. He is called the Father of History of Islam in Iran. He was regarded as the Ever-Lasting Name of Hamedan Province in 2005, pioneer in humanities in Farabi Festival 2010 and the Eminent Professor at the National Elite Foundation.

bullet Dr. Mohammad Jafar Malakouti

Everlasting Name of 2008
Dr. Mohammad Jafar Malakouti was admitted to Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz in 1970, and graduated from the said university with a bachelors degree. Then, he was admitted to the University of Tehran and graduated from the said university with Masters Degree. He went to Nebraska of USA in 1977 and received his doctoral degree with an excellent rating.
He taught at Zanjan University until 1983 and thereafter he has been engaged in teaching and research at Tarbiat Modares University. He was the first Iranian scientist to win TWAS Prize from the Third World Academy of Sciences in 2004. Dr. Mohammad Jafar Malakouti has published more than 1400 books, scientific and technical articles.